urinal Top quality Urinal stations for rent 


  • Waste capacity – 380lt
  • Flushingtank capacity – 380lt



Our Urinal Stations is a free-standing urinal which enables use by four men simultaneously and are ideal for use at outdoor events and construction sites where they will help to reduce toilet queues.

As most single portable toilet units supplied to events and construction sites across the South Africa  are designed for unisex use and sometimes feature a hand wash basin rather than a urinal, deployment of our portable urinal stations at strategic points around the event or construction site reduces queues for portable toilets and will help keep them cleaner for longer.

There will be far less of the toilet seat “up or down” problem common to unisex toilets. 


Our urinal stations includes covered shade net screens around for privacy, please contact us for more details on our Portable Urinal Rental solutions



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