This policy statement confirms the Company’s commitment to safeguarding all employees and user’s against injury and disease by identifying, managing and where possible, minimizing all risks to Safety and Health.

Our safety health and environmental policies are constantly re-evaluated to ensure that our company and staff are compliant with all the legal requirements of the Act as well as meeting our client’s specific demands.

The following documentation can be provided on request and is available for inspection at our premises.

 Tax clearance certificate

 Occupational Health, Safety and Environment policy Statement

 Letter of good standing – Workman Compensation

 Permission for Safe Dumping from local authority

 Material Safety Data Sheet

 VAT Registration Certificate

 Safety Management Plan

 Company registration CK1

 Workers Declaration

 Appointment Form 16.1

 Appointment Form 16.2

 BEE Compliance Certificate

 Appointment of Risk Assessor

 Appointment of Incident Investigator

 Appointment of First Aider

 Risk assessment

 Declaration of personnel and equipment

 Vehicle check list

 Procedure for lifting and loading of toilets

 Procedure for off – loading of toilets

 Procedure for cleaning of toilets

 Procedure for decanting of chemicals

 Procedure for dumping of Sewerage

 Procedure for handling spillage of Sewerage

 Monthly SHE Audit form

 Staff Identity Documents and Driver License

 Copy of employment contracts

 Method Statement and Risk Assessment

To achieve and maintain our policy goals KHARKI TOILET HIRE undertakes the following:

To provide and maintain, as far as reasonable practicable, a work environment that is safe and without risk to the health of the employees and users.

  • To educate, train and communicate with our employees and end user in order that they may be aware of potential Health and Safety risks in the workplace.
  • To manage the formalized integrated Health, Safety and Environment system to provide the framework in which the Health and Safety of employees and end users are monitored and ensured.
  • To consult with all role players to ensure compliance to legislation and other recognized requirements that will ensure continuous improvement in Health and Safety.
  • To ensure the site specific risks are identified as an ongoing process and to provide for the monitoring and management thereof.